Q128 Being Joshua Pietrocini

Is our heart intelligent?

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they called or text?

Our guest today is here to tell us all about the scientifically proven power of our heart and to help explain our heart's energy and how it affects our lives.

A Heart Math Coach, Joshua Pietrocini explains to us what heart coherence is and how we can use Heart Math techniques to reduce stress and add more peace and joy. He walks us through an exercise that you can use today!

What's Heart Math? Joshua is here to tell us all about it.

Deliberately adding more HEART into our daily lives leads to a more harmonic world, and the Science is starting to prove it.


Show Notes:


Joshua's Bio:

In an alternate life, Joshua Pietrocini would have been a skilled and studied dancer, or maybe a singer, or perhaps an acrobat! Some sort of theatrical performer that brings joy. In this life, he’s focused on making human being connections in other ways (although he certainly isn’t shy at a wedding). 

An excellent listener and heart expander, Joshua is one of my dearest friends. 

Joshua grew up in and currently just moved back to Ohio from Savanah Georgia. A husband and father of four, working as a Senior Project Manager at a Unified Communications Company, Joshua is also a Heart Math Coach. 

In one of our "down the rabbit hole" chats, I asked Joshua if he could be anything what would he be, and he said he saw himself as a conductor of a magical flow orchestra. I’ve always wanted to draw that image. 

He’s the kind of person  that has a ton of friends and makes every stranger feel like they’re a part of his crew. 

He truly sees people. All people. That’s one of the great gifts he serves the world. 

Playful and full, expansive and a seeker, Joshua is still joyfully becoming, Joshua, and he’s here today to talk about the intelligence of YOUR heart and to let us all in on a sneak peak of his own.



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