Q127 Being Dr. Jacob Liberman

I’m thrilled to bring to you the most influential person that has touched my life over the past three years, Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman.


He helps me answer questions like, Where do desires come from? How do we show up and fully express our being?


He also specifically tells me what he thinks my purpose in life is and I’m forever grateful for his words!


Author of  Luminous Life : How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living - his work is truly beautiful and the best and has profoundly changed me.


He’s also the father to beloved Being Me guest Erik Liberman who with his sister Gina Liberman helped him with the book.


This was a dream come true for me. Thank you all for being a part of my dreams.


Show Notes:


Jacob's Bio:

Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman’s discoveries in the fields of light, vision, and consciousness, have been enthusiastically endorsed by luminaries in the fields of health, science, and spirituality, including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Eckhart Tolle. He is the author of Light: Medicine Of The Future, Take Off Your Glasses And See and Wisdom From An Empty Mind. His newest book, Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living, reveals how light guides our every step, so we may fulfill our reason for being. 



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