Q124 Being Sarah Darrow

This week’s question: Do you not have enough time or do you not have enough energy?


Today on the show, I’m welcoming my dear friend Sarah. Sarah is proof to me that energy is more important than hours on the clock.


An artist, a wife and a mother, Sarah uses her days to advocate for her amazing son (who also happens to be low functioning, Autistic and is completely non-verbal...except listen in and you’ll hear HOW and WHY he spoke two words recently and what has made him turn into a completely different kid!). Sarah also creates a wonderful home for her brilliant daughter (who also happens to have Cerebral Palsy and was relatively recently diagnosed with Asperger’s).


Sarah seems to create time between hospital visits and blogging about her family for her blog “Our Spectrum of Love" to make clothes, yoga pillows and to cook all her meals for her family from scratch. Not to mention she takes regular bathes and is the first to say that self care is her first priority.


How? How? How? As far as I know, she has the same 24 hours that I have in a day, so why do I feel like she can do ten times as much as I can?


She’s here to share how she discovered it’s not about time. It’s about energy. You’ll learn how she got rid of toxins from food to candles. You’ll also learn what made her five year old son hug her for the first time a couple of days ago! (You may need a tissue. I did.)


Sarah’s story has such loving energy. We’re not here to promote any products or to tell you how to live your life. We’re not here as experts. What we are is two girlfriends talking and sharing stories to see if maybe someone out there needed to hear this for their own lives.


Oh, and did I mention that she lost 120 lbs in six months without working out. Yeah, you will want to listen to this conversation!


Show Notes:


Sarah's Bio:

I am a stay at home mom of two wonderfully unique kiddos who face and overcome challenges on a daily basis.  We have two dalmatians that add to the day to day joy. I am a clean eating, essential oil loving, chemical free, primal paleo modern day hippy who lives in the moment and finds the beauty in things you wouldn't think to stop and find  the beauty in. I am an artist but not in the typical sense! I am a food stylist who shows just how beautiful healthy food can be for you. Mostly however I am a woman who really enjoys living life to it's fullest. Tomorrow is never promised ... moments are fleeting but living in the now enjoying the small things brings me joy.



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