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How can we create our way of being in the world? How do we go beyond that and create the physical life that we want to be creating? In today’s show, we are talking about the brain and how we can deliberately use it to get the life we know is living within us. Finding the Science helped turned Alex Nashton from a skeptic to a teacher of using meditation and yoga to tap into our world of infinite potentiality.  Currently in school studying Neuroscience, Alex offers powerful tools for us to use to shift our perspective and help us change our habits. If you’re feeling stuck and want to change something in your life, this show is for you. If you ever thought you were one type of person and want to hear a story about someone who was in that same space not too long ago and changed her identity, give this one a listen. If you want to hear me learn from one of my former performers, then you are in the right place! (P.S. At the end of the episode I talk about Brain Waves and why knowing about them is important!)


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Alex's Bio:

Upstate New York native currently living in Southern California. Endlessly inspired by the human brains ability to change itself. The physical practice of yoga is one of unraveling the patterns of body and mind that keep us stuck in cycles of thought, negativity, and unnecessary pain. My teaching revolves around super specific alignment, non-reactivity, and as much playful meditation as I can weave in. My goal is to demystify the abstract and ethereal parts of this practice to make it relatable and relevant for you. You’re just as likely to hear me talk about neuroplasticity and quantum physics as you are to dive deep with me into self-compassion and ayurveda. I currently live in Santa Monica where I’m pursuing a degree in Neuroscience.



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