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Want to grab a seat in my living room and hear what things I talk about with my best friends? You know the kind of friends that see you in your pjs with mascara running down cheeks and hair thrown up in a messy bun more times than not. Then, this podcast show is for you.


Author, blogger, ghost writer and dad of two teenagers, Charles Rose, is on the show today. We talk about spirituality, intuition, how to deal with heart break, and what I was like at fourteen! We dive deep into questions and thoughts like: What to do when tragic things show up in your life even when you think you are being so good? What happens when we grow up and are able to decide what we believe? What happens if that is different than what we grew up believing? What do you do when you feel like life has spun you so fast that you’re not even aware how lost you really are? What does it mean to speak your truth? Are there boundaries to that? What would you today tell your past self?


Charles is a single dad, an explorer of the human condition and the person I go to when I need to work some things out. He offers a lot of techniques and tips he turned to over the past couple of years that has helped him stopped spinning (at least as quickly). I love playing with these bigger concepts about life with him.  This is real talk between two dear friends. Grab a coffee or some tea and join us.


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Charles' Bio:

Charles is a former middle and high school teacher and coach. He’s an author, blogger, and ghostwriter. He writes fiction under the pen names Chai Rose and Charlie Arnold and he’s also the creator of the Chuckmylife blog. Most recently he’s creating a YouTube channel that’s focused on motivation and self esteem. Finally, and most importantly, Charles is a father to two teenagers.



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