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If you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a while or even if don’t know a thing about it,  you will love this episode with MY Yoga teacher, Heather McClelland.  Surrounding myself with people that are full of positive energy and light helps me do the work I do. I invited Heather on the show to help us grasp a beginning understanding of energy and chakras. She’s a new business owner, and we dive into that story at the top of the show! She tells a great story about how Yoga was always trying to get her attention.


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A graduate from Cazenovia College and a Syracuse native, Heather McClelland has always had some interest in yoga whether it was seeing yoga studios and wondering what it was all about or hearing people talk about it and wondering what exactly it was. In high school, she had her first experience actually practicing it, using a video to learn how to stretch and it became a way for her to get physical exercise besides running or playing a sport (she hated participating in gym-other than when she had the choice to do yoga). She remembers her very first real yoga class she attended (out of all the different kinds of yoga of course it was hot yoga- at points she thought for sure this is how her life was going to  end), She made it through, but she remembers feeling so nervous and felt like everyone else knew what they were doing but her. As she began to practice more and more though she felt comfortable and really enjoyed it. In college she began to deepen her yoga practice, and completely fell in love with every part of it- she was hooked. Shortly after, she decided that she wanted to take the teacher training. In January of 2014, she began a four month long teacher training at Lotus Life Yoga Center in Dewitt, NY with Kim Fischer. She received her 200-hr yoga teacher certification. Shortly after she also became certified to teach Aerial Yoga (May of 2014.)

Aside from yoga she loves being outdoors, hiking and traveling. She loves a good vinyasa style class along with hot yoga but thinks it's really important to keep a balanced practice with some yin.

When coming to one of her classes you can expect to learn meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga philosophy and asana (physical movement). She hopes to inspire others and be able to create a safe space for people to learn who they are at their core through the practice of yoga.



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