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What does it mean to "Choose Wonder Over Worry”- the title of the new book released today(!) by the author Mind Body Green calls “the Brené Brown of Wonder.” Amber says, “worry is our anxious inner critic and wonder is our curious inner guide.” Amber Rae invites you to“face your fears, wake up to your truth, and get to the source of what’s holding you back.” 

Steven Pressfield (War of Art, Turning Pro, The Legend of Bagger Vance for film, among many others) called it “the boldest invitation of all,” and Deepak Chopra (Super Brain, Quantum Healing, among many others) said, “it’s a guide to unfold your infinite potential.” 

She reminds us to pay attention to what we choose to believe. I LOVE her book because it gives you workspace with each chapter to dive into both worry and wonder. My favorite sections are when she opens up about her addictions in college, and she gets curious and real about wanting to cheat on her fiancé (both of which she told me she almost didn’t include because the worry voice was so loud).

I love our conversation together. It is one I will continue to come back to and listen myself. I know you will too!

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Amber's Bio:

Called a “Millennial Motivator” by Fortune and "The Brené Brown of Wonder” by Mind Body Green, Amber Rae is an author, artist, and speaker whose work invites you to live your truth, befriend your emotions, and express your gifts.

Her writing has reached over 5 million people in 195 countries, her public art has spread to over twenty countries, and she's spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever. She's been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Fast Company, BBC, ABC World News, Tim Ferriss's blog, and more.

Previously, Amber helped launch six best-selling books as Chief Evangelist of Seth Godin's publishing experiment and started an "accelerator for your life" called The Bold Academy. She lives in Brooklyn and around the world with her fiancé, Farhad.


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