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“True stories from people who’ve endured soul-crushing moments in their careers- failure, rejection, disappointment, public humiliation-and how they got through it, and how you will too” is what you’ll discover inside Alexandra Franzen’s book “You’re Going To Survive.” Join our conversation where she shares some of her own stories and gives us real tools on how to not only survive but thrive. You’re going to want to join Alexandra’s newsletter (link on her website/see show notes). She’s one of the emails that always shows up at the perfect time for me. She speaks to my heart. She has even sent me a recorded pep talk personalized right to me. Who does that? Come join the conversation to find out. This episode also has two special guest hosts- Kyle Meyers and Brendan Didio!

Show Notes:

Alexandra's Bio:

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been featured on websites like Time, Forbes, and Newsweek, and she’s been mentioned in places like The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, and Inc. 

Alexandra's newest book is called You're Going to SurviveIt's a book about how to deal with discouraging situations in your career, and how to build more resilience and keep marching towards your goals. The book has been called "uplifting and encouraging" and "your new best friend on a bad day." It's available for pre-order now.

Alexandra has been a self-employed writer for about 8 years. She has written several books, including two non-fiction books and two novels. She leads writing classes and retreats, and she's taught in 18 different cities around the world. She runs an online writing class. She also works 1-on-1 with clients to help them complete all kinds of exciting projects—from books to podcasts to TEDx talks, and beyond. You can find all of Alexandra's current projects at: AlexandraFranzen.com.


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