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Why are we so afraid to live the life of our dreams? Shelli Varela says, "You're not afraid of what you think you'e afraid of. You're afraid of what fear is asking you to look at that you don't want to see." So how do we get the nerve to do that? Shelli followed her fire and she's going to teach us how to brave ours.


Shelli's Bio:

From improbable beginnings, against overwhelming odds to reach unparalleled success. They said it couldn’t be done but she did it.

Shelli Varela was hired in 1994 as the first female firefighter in Canada’s 6thlargest city and went on to not only become it’s first and currently only female Fire Captain, but to also win the coveted Firefighter of the Year Award, twice.

Equally as interesting as these accomplishments was her starting point. Her life prior to firefighting found her as a 108 lb. artist lost and confused about her life’s path. During a chance meeting with a firefighter, she had the opportunity to learn about job and something magical was ignited inside her. As it turns out, she had a natural mechanical ability that had remained undiscovered until she started correcting some of the teachings she had been given.

Her firefighter friend suggested she think about applying – a notion she automatically balked at – until she whispered 3 words that forever changed the trajectory of her life.

Those words were “Why Not Me?”

Since that time she has studied Possibility Hacking and created a blueprint for success which ultimately enabled her to land her dream job in 1162 days.

She authored a children’s book called “Peanut Meets the Pigtailed Firefighter” which teaches readers that they can accomplish anything they choose and that Everything is Possible.

Shelli’s gift is seeing the gift in others. She teaches her clients to reframe the story they tell themselves so they can change the story they tell the world and subsequently change the world with their story.

She continues to fight fires.


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