Q104 Being Julia Niego

How do we leverage our brain to get what we want? Julia Niego is here to bridge the science of the brain with more mystical concepts like the law of attraction. This interview is great if you have children or if you've ever been a child.


Julia's Bio:

Julia Niego, MS, hails from Brooklyn, New York where she works as an Early Childhood Educational Therapist, Neuroeducator and Early Learning Consultant. She is also a mother to her 3 1/2 year old son Juniper. Over the last decade she has co-founded and taught in a progressive preschool in Brooklyn, blogged about Neuroeducation, Early Childhood and Creativity, and founded and directed Neuleaph Early Learning, a network of community-based Montessori-at-Home playgroups. She is also a voracious reader, a backyard urban gardener and a lover of art, music and travel. Across all of her roles she maintains a deep and abiding devotion to the powerful role of creativity in shaping our brains and our lives.

You can reach out to Julia at: julianiego@gmail.com(Soul Collective)


Show Notes:


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